The Worldwide Fleet DJs Coalition
The Worldwide Fleet DJs is noted as one of the largest DJ Coalitions, with over 700
members to include DJs, Producers, Journalist, Photographers, Industry Taste Makers,
Models and Artist. Established in 2001 in Newark, New Jersey by Klassik, Founder and
CEO. Having come from a family line of music, Klassik took on many of his learned
talents and spread it throughout his Fleet family. Klassik’s father, who played a pivotal
role in his ideology behind the structure of the Fleet DJs, sat on the World Council of
Zulu Nation prior to his passing in 2017.

The Fleet DJs mission is to create an environment that educates, supports, and
elevates its members, while solidifying the brand as a staple in the entertainment

industry. Fleet provides a platform for emerging talent across the globe,

breaking artist records, and setting trends in music, fashion, and lifestyle

industries. Blazing the trail for the next generation of DJ crews across the

globe. The coalition includes radio stations, magazines, streaming apps, nonprofit
organizations, and has partnered with Daily Motion.

“Being able to represent my home city of Newark, NJ and help to provide a platform for
emerging talent across the globe is important to me. But my goal is to make sure that DJs
are treated just as important as they used to be. Everything starts and ends with the DJ.”

Klassik, CEO of the Fleet DJ